The main reason I created this page, was because I personally needed a calender to remind me what Shakespeare plays are happening in Maryland, Virgina, and Washington DC. I just figured others might be interested in knowing also. Not to mention they could pass on any info for others if they had any tips about plays in our area.

As you view this site keep in mind I am not a scholar, have very little collage, and never studied Shakespeare in any type of formal setting… My interest is in the fact that I love words, how they sound, and how they are put together in what ever form or whatever genre.

So why Shakespeare? To me Shakespeare and Rock n Roll are one in the same. I love the beats, the emotion, the drive. How’ when all the parts fit together in a song or a play you’re transported to a whole different realm. Shakespeare is Led Zeppelin. Shakespeare is Pink Floyd… Shakespeare at his best is the modern definition of Heavy Metal Thunder.

So’ on top of all that I’m always on the lookout for Shakespeare related DVD / Movies, Books, ‘ and other bits of strangeness that I will gladly pass your way as I find them. And if you find anything interesting… Let me know.



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